How To Remove CapCut Watermark?

Do you also dislike the CapCut watermark and always think, How to remove CapCut watermark from your video? After facing this issue a lot of time I got a perfect solution for this. This watermark may be found at the top or bottom corner and end of the video. This part of video is very annoying and looks unpleasant. From the following article you can easily learn that how to remove CapCut watermark.

How to Remove CapCut Watermark

What is Watermark?

A video watermark is an overlay that can be text, the logo of the app, or a copyright disclaimer. That is automatically added by the app or a website for its popularity. This could be added at the video’s end or top and bottom. However, it could be an essential thing for an app owner for its branding, but it’s also irritating for the users because no one wants to bear this. In this article we will discuss that how to remove CapCut watermark from video.

Why should you remove the watermark?

Watermark is an unpleasant thing for the users. Most users edit their videos to upload them on different social media platforms. Its make difficult to upload them. Everyone wants to remove CapCut transparent logo. Therefore, they must remove these types of watermarks from their videos.

CapCut provides a fantastic feature through which you can easily remove watermarks from your videos. If the watermark is located at the end or top and bottom of your videos, you not worry about it. CapCut is the only app that has solutions for all these problems.

CapCut logo shows at two places in the video.

  1. End of video
  2. Top and Bottom Corner of video

1- How to Remove CapCut Watermark At The End Of Video?

There are two methods to know, how to remove CapCut watermark from end of the video.

  1. Delete Ending Part of Video
  2. Turn off “Add default ending”

1) Delete Ending Part of Video

Watermark of CapCut shows at the corners or end of the video. However, it’s very easy to understand that how to remove CapCut watermark that shows at the end of the video. Follow these Steps

Step-1: Add video in new project

  • Install Capcut apk in mobile phone
  • Open CapCut app and add a new video in capcut by clicking on “New Project”
Creat a new Project

Step-2Select the watermark part of video

  • Go to the end of the video.
  • Select a part of the video that has the CapCut watermark.
Select Watermark part

Step-3: Remove CapCut watermark

  • Click on the delete option located at the bottom right corner of your screen.
  • So you can delete this part of the video.
Remove CapCut watermark

Step-4: Export your video

  • Now you have all done perfectly.
  • Just tap on export button located at the top right corner of your screen.
Export the video

2) Turn off “add default ending

You can turn off default ending from the setting. For step by step guide read the following methods.

Step-1: Open homepage of CapCut

  • Install and open CapCut.
  • Go to home page of CapCut app.
Add new Project

Step-2: Press the setting icon

  • Press the setting icon at the top right corner of screen.
  • You can see in following picture.
Press Setting icon

Step-3Turn off “add default ending” option.

  • You see the “add default ending” option which is enable by default. 
  • Turn off this option by tap on it.

Step-4: Discard ending

  • Now Click on the “Discard” option.
  • Now you successfully disable the watermark which show on end of the video.
Discard ending

2- How to remove CapCut watermark from the top and bottom of video?

Another type of CapCut watermark is shown at the corners of the video. This watermark looks unpleasant in the video. So it’s very necessary to know how can we remove it. Follow these simple steps to know how to remove CapCut watermark from video.

Step-1: Click on new project

  • Install CapCut if you don’t have in your device.
  • Open CapCut and click on “New Project”.
Add new Project

Step-2: Import video

  • Select the Video and click on add button located at the bottom right corner of your screen.
  • Import the video in New Project with watermark.
Import video

Step-3: Set overlay

  • Copy your selected video by just clicking on copy button.
  • Apply Overlay by clicking on “Overlay” option.
Set Overlay

Step-4: Place copied video

  • Select the video and drag it to the left side.
  • Place the copied video under the main video.
Place copied video

Step-5: Add blur effects to video

  • Simply go to the blur effects.
  • Select any type of blur effect which has high intensity.
Adjust blur effect

Step-6: Add mask to overlay

  • After selecting blur effect, just click on done (✓) button.
  • Apply blur to the overlay and add mask to the over lay.
Add mask to overlay

Step-7: Adjust mask on watermark

  • Adjust mask according to the size of watermark.
  • Water mark should be completely invisible.
Adjust mask on watermark icon

Step-8: Export Video

  • Your Watermark is successfully removed.
  • Now Export your video.
Export Video

You can make your videos more attractive just by using the Beat 5/5 anh CapCut template which will boost your videos to the next level.

Watch the “Video Tutorial” below to follow the above mentioned steps to know how to remove CapCut Watermark easily.

How To Remove CapCut Watermark from Template?

Step-1: Go to Template section

  • On CapCut homepage a template menu is shown downward.
  • Go to template section and pick any of  template.
Go to Templates

Step-2: Click on Export

  • Edit this template and make any changes like sound and effects.
  • When you finish the editing , click on the Export in the top right corner.
Click on Export

Step-3: Export to TikTok

  • You will see two options export video and export video to TikTok without a watermark.
  • Select the “Export to TikTok” without a watermark.
Export to Tiktok

Step-4: Save the video

  • Your tiktok account will opened and you can continue editing if necessary.
  • Otherwise save it.
Save the video

Attention: If tiktok is not installed in your phone than video will saved in your gallery without watermark.


Q: Will removing the CapCut watermark affect the quality of video?

A: No, quality of your video will not be affected by removing the watermark.

Q: Can I add my own watermark after removing CapCut watermark?

A: Yes, you can add your favourite watermark in the video after removing CapCut watermark.

Q: Can I remove CapCut watermark for free?

A: Yes, There is no expenses to remove CapCut watermark from the video.


Watermark is the sign of every app which is used by the company to promote their apps. But some apps don’t provide free option to remove watermark from videos. We have to pay some dues to get this feature. We completely discuss the process of how to remove CapCut watermark.

CapCut is the only app that provides you with a watermark removing option. You can easily remove watermark from your video without losing video quality. There are no expenses to remove CapCut watermark because CapCut provides all its feature free of cost. Everyone can get benefits from these features.

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