CapCut For PC/Windows – Latest Version – 2024

NameCapCut For PC/Windows/Laptop
App CategoryVideo Editor and Player
Version latest version for PC
Launched onApril 10, 2020
Updated on01 day ago
Needed OSWindows 7/8/8.1/10/11
File MBs609 MBs
Owned ByBytedance Pte. Ltd.

CapCut is a video editing software widely used to edit videos. CapCut provides the all-important features used in video editing. CapCut editing software can be downloaded on both smartphones and desktop devices. Some users feel hesitation in editing on the small screen of a mobile. A big timeline and controls make them feel relaxed. CapCut for PC helps you to manage big projects. The pro editors always want to do editing on the CapCut For PC. In this article, we will explore all of the features of CapCut PC and how we can download and install it on your desktop. The impact on output is much different in quality than mobile.

CapCut For PC

Features of CapCut For PC

There are a lot of basic and advanced features in CapCut. These are all useful and help in every kind of video editing.

User-Friendly Interface

The CapCut PC provides much more flexibility in its interface than the mobile. The timeline box of CapCut PC gives a broader view of multiple audio, and video layers. At the same time, you can work on multiple layers. It makes organizing things easy, gives you more detail in work, and is done efficiently. The drag and drop of every clip is so easy and smooth. Within seconds any of the effects can be applied in detail. In CapCut every tool has scale settings with multiple options.

Auto Save Property

CapCut provides the auto-save feature to prevent your work from losing it. In normal editors, the creator always feels stressed about losing your project if your device suddenly shuts down or you sometimes forget to save this project. If this happens this is very painful for editors. There are no such things in the CapCut and you work freely on your project. It autosaves every change that happens in it. It saves your projects which can be reused in the future.

 Filters and Transitions

The video looks so nice if transitions are used. There are many trending transitions CapCut offers. The pro-level transitions are neon effects, glacious effects, and others. You can use this transition many times in your clip. It is easy to add transitions by just drag and drop. The CapCut does not provide sound on these transition effects, you can add it manually according to your choice. The library of filters is also diverse. It provides good filters for your video from nature to scenery. If you are making cinematic videos, the cinematic filters are present which gives natural colors in a video.

Advanced text editing options

The CapCut for PC provides advanced text editing capabilities. In CapCut pc you can edit text in any way. Many options are available to change their text fonts and import your custom fonts. You can make text animations. This helps in making intro for YouTube videos. However, you can also convert text into every voice. The CapCut PC provides a powerful subtitle for editing the text.

Ai to Generate Images

CapCut PC provides a generative AI tool to generate images with the help of text prompts. It can be created in every aspect ratio. It generates high-quality, colorful images. You can create stickers, effects, and 3d logo objects. It provides many options for you on which type of image to generate, like cartoons, 3d, and others. The amazing thing about AI is that you can add fake movements to your video.

Shortcut keys

The effectiveness of chroma keys in CapCut for PC is outstanding that removes the green screen very efficiently and replaces it with other backgrounds. It smartly hides one background and covers the area. 

Cloud Service

CapCut has released its cloud service. You have to upload your data to the CapCut cloud storage. All the data is imported from mobile to PC just in a single click. Scan a QR code with your mobile device and import your projects containing audio, effects, and filters to the CapCut PC. This is a wonderful feature to access videos anytime on mobile and PC.

Regular updates

The CapCut developers regularly check their software and provide time-to-time updates. If there’s any glitch in the software they remove and enhance the app performance. They also introduce new features in updates like filters, sounds, transitions, and fonts.

Learning sources available

CapCut pc is used for developing professional editing skills. There are unlimited learning resources of CapCut available on the internet. There are many editing techniques people share on YouTube. However, many blogs provide the latest information on the CapCut PC.

High-Quality Export

There is no need to use any upscale to enhance the resolution of video quality. It exports your video in the highest resolution in 4k. It corrects the unmatched vivid colors and gives clear video detail. 

System Requirements For CapCut PC/Laptop

Required OSWindows 7/8/8.1/10/11Windows 10 / Windows 11
Windows 10 Versionv0.0 or higherv1903 or later
ProcessorIntel Core i3Intel Core i5
CPUDual-core and aboveDual-core and above
Required Free Space2 GB10 GB
SSDNoRecommend for faster speed

How to download and Install CapCut on a PC?

If you want to download the latest version of CapCut For PC, then just tap on the below download button. However, you can use Baby face CapCut template to apply a baby face effect on your photos and get outstanding results. Downloading and installing the CapCut on a computer is so easy. Here is the proper method to do it.

  • The first step is to download the CapCut For PC file.
  • Go to the CapCut download page and click on the button that shows the system requirements. If your requirements match, click the download link to save the file to your computer.
  • When your download is complete, locate your file in the folder. Open the executable zip file and extract its data to a desired drive location.
  • After some short time during the setup installation, it will ask for you to accept their terms and conditions. It is very important to follow their policy.
  • Once you agree to their terms and conditions, the installation takes time. If your computer is fast, it takes just a few seconds, but if it is not, it may take some time.
  • The CapCut is successfully installed on your computer. You can access it easily through a shortcut. This CapCut shortcut appears on your desktop screen.
  • Click on the CapCuticon to open the software and start editing your videos.
  • Utilize the CapCut features and tools to make videos more creative.

Download CapCut For PC

CapCut apk Logo | 609 MBs

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Pros and Cons of CapCut For PC

There is no doubt that CapCut for PC is the best editor, but it is important to be aware of the good and bad characteristics of CapCut PC.


It has a simple interface that anyone can understand.

The working time is lower than the mobile.

The video exportation is free from any ads and watermarks.

It supports advanced editing features like text-to-speech, keyframes, motion tracking, and video stabilization.


The templates are not present in the PC version.

Its updates come later than the mobile app.

It does not have the same portability as mobile.


What file formats does CapCut PC support?

The CapCut supports all video formats mp4, mkv, avi, and MoV.

Can CapCut PC be used offline?

Yes, at first it requires the internet to download filters and transitions. After downloading them you can use them without an internet connection.

Can I work on multiple projects on CapCut PC?

Yes, you can easily work on multiple projects at a time in CapCut.If you are working on other projects, you can start a new one on the other side.

Can CapCut provide the screen recording feature on a PC?

No, there is no such type of feature CapCut provides. You can use other screen recorder tools to record.

Does CapCut PC export video without a watermark?

Yes, CapCut PC exports videos without adding a watermark.


CapCut For PC is a good choice for professional editors. If you are already doing the video editing on a mobile you can switch to the desktop. It provides you with all the features that fulfill your needs. So use the CapCut For PC and share your experience. You can edit every type of content like gaming videos, vlogging, and educational content.