How To Do CapCut Slow Motion?

Have you ever seen slow motion videos while scrolling TikTok and also wanted to make videos like these? If you don’t know how to do CapCut slow motion and also want to make slow motion videos for your TikTok account then you have to not worry about it. In this article, we will guide you step by step about this. So, let’s start and make tremendous videos for you.

CapCut slow motion edit

What is a Slow Motion?

Slow motion also known as “slow-mo” is a unique effect provided by the CapCut in its latest update. CapCut slow motion can boost up your videos and give them a premium editing look. CapCut slow motion can slow down specific portions of your videos. You can also speed up your videos by using these features.

Why use CapCut Slow Motion?

Slow motion is an incredible feature of CapCut. Sometimes, if you want to bold or show the main content of your video to the audience such as to show your brand name or qualities of your content then you have to slow down this specific portion of the video. However, if you don’t want to slow down your video’s part, you can add text to your video or highlight your important content in the video. But this couldn’t be so attractive and professional look. Therefore, you must have to add a slow motion effect to your video. You can apply automatic slow motion by using Velocity CapCut Template which can also save your a lot of time.

Key Features of CapCut Slow Motion

1) Speed Curves

CapCut has multiple video editing features. While doing CapCut slow motion, you can add multiple speed curves. It has also pre-designed speed curves but if you want to customize your curves by yourself you can select a custom curve for this purpose.

2) Body effects

While doing CapCut slow motion, you can add different body effects but the recommended body effect is “Flashy body effect”. It is an amazing body effect that can raise your video to the next level and give your video a professional look.

3) Music Library

CapCut provides a beautiful music library that has all types of music such as romantic, dancing, beats, party music, etc if your video does not have a perfect sound which does not suit your video, you can change it in CapCut and select any music track that matches your video’s style and effects.

Key Features of CapCut Slow Motion

Device Specification 

There are some device requirements you must meet before installing CapCut otherwise, you may have app problems during editing. Here are some requirements to meet.

1) Operating System

CapCut is made for both major Android and iOS devices. It works on all Android and iOS software versions, but Android 8.0 or higher and iOS 11 or later are recommended for good performance.

2) RAM

The minimum RAM requirement for the CapCut app is 2 GB on both Android and iOS devices. However, it is preferable to have 4 GB of RAM for efficient work with short videos. If you are a professional editor and are going to make long and complex videos, 8 GB of RAM is recommended.

3) Storage

CapCut requires 8 GB of storage space on your mobile phone. It will work on this amount of storage, but 16 GB is recommended because CapCut will also take up space for installation, templates, effects, and saved projects.

4) Processor

CapCut app works on devices with different processors. There is no specific requirement for the processor. It works best also on a 32-bit processor.

5) Display

CapCut works on all display sizes. The minimum display size for CapCut is 5 inches, but a larger display size will give you more workspace and make it easier to see the details of your videos when editing.

How to do CapCut Slow motion effectively?

Slow motion editing is a very important element of video editing; therefore, use this amazing feature wisely and effectively. For this purpose, let’s be with us, we will simply explain this whole phenomenon.

Step-1: Install and Open CapCut

  • First of all, you must have the CapCut app. Download CapCut Apk from your app store.
  • If you have an Android device, you can download it from the Play Store.
  • But if you have an IOS device, you can download it from the Apple Store.
  • You must download the up-to-date version of the CapCut app. Open the CapCut app after installation.
Install Capcut

Step-2: Create a new project

  • After opening the CapCut app, you have to upload your video to CapCut.
  • For this, just tap on the “New Project” button located at the top center of your screen.
Click on new project

Step-3: Add your video

  • After clicking on a new project, your device gallery will show in front of you.
  • Select one of your favorite videos on which you want to do a CapCut slow motion.
  • After selecting your video, tap on the “Create video (1)” button located at the bottom left corner of your screen.
  • By clicking on this, your video will be imported into the CapCut.
Add your video

Step-3: Slow down the background music track

  • Whenever you slow down your video, your video’s background music will also slow down but that could be irritating for the listener. 
  • To avoid this, you have to slow down your music volume.
  • For this, go to the volume of the video and slow down it to the “0”.
Remove background music

Step-4: Change the speed of the video

  • Select the video and tap on the “speed” button available at the bottom center of the screen.
  • Here, you will see two options, 1) Normal and 2) Curves.
  • By clicking on “Normal”, your video will slow down by the default settings of the CapCut. 
  • You have to go to the “Curves” option. Here, you will see a wide range of curves in slow motion.
  • All these curves are pre-designed but if you want to do CapCut slow motion by yourself, you have to go to the “custom curves”.
Change the speed of video

Step-5: Customize the speed curve

  • At this stage, you have to the curves of the beat for your video.
  • For best practices, you have to select curves at specific portions of the video.
  • We will show in the following picture how you have to select these curves for your video.
Customize speed curve

Step-6: Export your CapCut slow motion video

  • Whenever you have all done, check the preview of your edited video.
  • If you love your video and it is as perfect as you want, you can save and export it to other social media.
  • Click on the “Export” option located at the top right corner of the screen.
  • After exporting, by clicking on the “Done” button, your video will be saved in your device gallery.
  • If you want to share this video directly on TikTok, you have to click on the “without watermark” (share on TikTok).
  • But if you want to share your video on Facebook, WhatsApp, or other social media, you have to tap on the Export button located at the bottom center of your screen.
Export slow motion video

Flashy slow-motion on CapCut

CapCut is a modified and top-trending video editing app all over the world. It has a wide range of premium features and you don’t have to pay for using all these features. It has a lot of photo and video effects. All are the most attractive but the flashy CapCut slow motion video is amazing. It flashes white light effects on your video and makes the videos more attractive. 

Flashy Slow Motion on CapCut

How to do Flashy slow-motion on CapCut?

It is not difficult to customize the flashy slow motion effect on CapCut. Here, we will explain step-by-step guidelines for this.

Step-1: Install the CapCut app if you don’t have it on your device and open it.

Step-2: Create a new project and add a video on which you want to apply flashy motion effects.

Step-3: If your video has background music, first remove the background music track.

Step-4: Select the video and go to the effects. Tap on the “body effects” and find out the flash body effects. Apply it to your video.

Note: “Flashy effect can be used only for dancing videos”.

When you select the flashy body effects, add it to the timeline of the CapCut. It will apply to your whole video.

Step-5: After adding this effect, go to the speed and apply the speed curves. Add dots of the speed curves on different points of the video where you want to apply the flash effect. After adding dots, it will apply automatically to your whole video.

Step-6: When you have all done, you can save and export your video by clicking on the “Export” button at the top right corner. You successfully done CapCut slow motion.

As you can see it’s not difficult to do, so you can try it at once while doing CapCut slow motion.

Pros and Cons:

CapCut slow motion has a lot of benefits. It can boost up your videos and give them premium and professional looks. However, it has both benefits and drawbacks such as:


  • Easy to customize
  • Allow multiple speed curves
  • Allow lengthy videos
  • Free to use 


  • It increases the size of the video.
  • Difficult to customize by beginners

Watch the “Video tutorial” below to do CapCut slow motion.


Q: Can I apply slow motion to only a part of video?

A: Yes, You can also apply slow motion to a small part of video. CapCut allow us to do this.

Q: What is best speed to use for slow motion?

A: Speed of slow motion depend on the type of video . But the overall best slow motion speed is 0.5x.

Q: Can I add music to my slow motion video?

A: Yes, You can also add music to your slow motion video. You Can do it easily in CapCut.


CapCut Slow Motion is an impressive feature to slowly highlight the moments. With this users can see their movements. If you have any fast video ,try this on  .It is free to use feature and every non experienced user also try on their makes the video more attractive and it never loses the detail of your videos.

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