How To Apply 3D Zoom Effect in CapCut?

Did your video not going viral due to using common effects? Then 3D Zoom effect in CapCut is best for you because it gives 3D zoom effect to your video which make it more attractive and stylish. In the latest 3D craze on TikTok created with the help of different websites and apps, this has become the most attractive thing for all of us. Sometimes, these are so realistic that it could be a running movie or real-life scene. However, it’s just a picture having 3D animation.

3D Zoom Effect in CapCut

Sometimes, it’s tricky – how can we edit or make our pictures or videos look like a 3D animation? There are different apps and websites which are providing these features, but wait, we have a solution. We are providing an app called “CapCut”, which is suitable for all devices, and even a non-experienced person can also use it easily. With 3D zoom effect in CapCut, you can make your photos and videos look 3D without any watermark.

Why Use 3D Zoom Effect In CapCut?

The authorized photo and video editing app used for YouTube and TikTok videos uploaded to different social media platforms such as YouTube, TikTok ,Instagram and others is only CapCut. There are more than 500 Million users that are using CapCut for their photo and video editing. The software may also be found on the App Store.

CapCut provides a wide range of unique features including merging and trimming videos, cropping the video clips, adding text and stickers, and a lot of transition effects but one of the most important features is CapCut 3D zoom that can raise your video to the next level.

You can use a 3D zoom effect in CapCut at your videos to zoom the specific part or a specific person in your videos so the viewer can easily understand your video’s intent. Moreover, if you record a video in low light then the 3D zoom effect is the perfect solution for this. The CapCut 3D zoom add a similar movements like CapCut 3d effects. Apply a 3D zoom effect in CapCut and get closer to your content with the viewer so the viewers can easily understand your content.

It has the following Trending Features:

  1. Merging and splitting of videos.
  2. Trimming or tightening the videos.
  3. Zoom out and Zoom in animation for the photos and videos.
  4. Multiple music tracks can also be added as background music for videos.

Apply 3D Zoom Effect In CapCut on Android

Here, we will show how to apply a 3D zoom effect on your photos using Capcut. There are mainly 5 steps involved in this:

Step-1: Download and open the CapCut APK

  • First of all, open the CapCut. If you don’t have that app, then CapCut apk download from playstore and open it.
  • Tap on the “New project” button.
Add new Project

Step-2: Import your photos from our device

  • Click on it and select the photos on which you want to apply the 3D zoom effect in CapCut
  • After selecting your photos, click on the “Add” button available at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Here, you will see the “Edit” option in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Import your picture

Step-3: Go to style menu

  • Go to the “Style” option, and here you will see different 3D zoom effects
  • These 3D zoom effects include 3D Zoom, 3D Zoom Pro, Camera Shake, Camera Bounce, Photo Slinky, Photo Puzzle, and others.

Step-4: Apply 3D Zoom Effect in CapCut

  • Select one of your favorite zoom effect but recommended zoom effect is 3D zoom effect.
  • Click on any 3D zoom effect, and it will apply automatically to your photos.

Step-5: Finish and Export

  • After applying the 3D zoom effect in CapCut, click on the “Checkbox” located in the bottom right corner of your screen.
  • Here, your photos will become a video after applying a 3D zoom effect.
  • Finish your editing and click on the “Export” button located in the top right corner of your screen.
  • Wait for a few seconds here and allow processing to complete.
Finish and Export

Step-6: Share on social media

  • Now, it is ready to export. Just click on any social media where you want to share, such as Instagram, Whatsapp , Facebook, TikTok, and others.
  • If you don’t want to share on any social media and want to save it on your device, just click on the “Done” button in the top right corner of your screen. It will save in your device
Share on social media

Important Note: Whenever, you have successfully export your video, preview it at least once, you will see watermark or logo at the end of video, you can also remove CapCut watermark from your videos with the help of CapCut.

Pro tips for using 3D zoom on android

We hope that you are doing well with 3D zoom effect in CapCut but here we are sharing some pro tips with you to boost your video’s level. 

  1. Experiment with multiple clips
  2. Use high-quality video

1) Experiment with multiple clips

Apply 3D zoom effect in CapCut on multiple videos so that you can understand how it works and at which video it can be more suitable. Because sometimes 3D zoom effects are not suitable for some videos and can not be eye-catching for viewers. Therefore, you have to experiment with different clips that can give a new idea for editing.

2) Use high-quality video

Video quality is the most important thing in video editing especially while applying 3D zoom effect. Because, it happens that when you are using poor-quality video and applying a 3D zoom effect to it, your video’s pixels are going to blur. Therefore, always use the HD quality of videos and also save your videos after applying zoom effects in 2k/4k quality.

How to apply 3D zoom effect on iPhone

The 3D zoom effect is a wonderful feature offered by the CapCut free of cost. You can apply 3D zoom effects on both iPhone and Android but both have different procedures to do this. Follow our guidelines to apply the 3D zoom effect.

  • Install the CapCut app if you don’t have this.
  • Open the CapCut app.
  • Create a new project. 
  • Add the pictures on which you want to apply 3D zoom effects.
  • You must upload 10 to 14 pictures so that the size of the video remains perfect.
  • Then click on the style menu located at the bottom of your screen.
  • Apply 3D zoom pro effect.
  • Your selected effect will automatically apply to your video.
  • Tap on the export option.
  • Your video will be saved in your device storage.

CapCut 3d zoom effect on Iphone

Our Recommendations

3D zoom effects are offered by the different video editing apps but the CapCut is only one app that provides a wide range of 3D zoom effects. All of the effects have their features. These effects include:

  • 3D zoom pro
  • 3D zoom
  • Photo Puzzle
  • Photo slinky
  • Camera Shake

However, these 3D zoom effect in CapCut are very easy to use and more unique but we recommend you use 3D zoom pro and 3D zoom effect in CapCut. Because both these effects are more attractive and loved by the Millions of people. If you are a freelancer and want to apply 3D zoom effects on your client’s video you can use these two effects.

Pros and Cons:

3D zoom effects help you a lot to make your videos more attractive. However, it may have some pros and cons such as:


  • Can focus on a specific person in your video
  • Increase the readability of content
  • Professional look


  • Can’t afford the lengthy videos
  • Can decrease the quality of the video

Watch the “Video tutorial” below to apply 3D zoom effect in CapCut.


Q: Can I adjust the speed of zoom effect?

A: Yes, you can adjust the speed of zoom effect by controlling distance between the keyframes.

Q: Can I combine the 3D zoom effect with other effects?

A: Absolutely yes, you can combine 3D zoom effect with other effects to create unique visuals.

Q: Is 3D zoom effect also makes video quality better?

A: Yes, 3D zoom effect increase the quality of video.


3D zoom effects in CapCut make videos look like movies. The picture quality becomes better by increasing color saturation. You can use it to make videos like intro, outro, and beautiful places.

Capcut is prefered app for creating 3D zoom effects. It gives you lots of ways to make different 3D zoom effects in various styles for your videos. This is as  simple as other effects applying in capcut. You don’t have to be an expert to use it even a beginner can try it.

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