How To Apply Gender Swap Filter In CapCut?

Do you ever imagine that how your opposite gender will look like? Or want to know about your looks in childhood? Than Gender Swap Filter is wonderfull feature for you. CapCut added a great fun factor for users. Gender swap Filter CapCut is a viral feature on TikTok and Snapchat; you have seen people reface their videos. This is very funny and change the person’s appearance from boy to girl and girl to boy. Adding stuff like hair, color, glasses, and jackets outclass the look.

Add Gender swap filter

Millions of people used this and gained millions of views. Now CapCut also added this feature. So if you have not tried this effect, how do you use gender swap filter in capcut? In this article, you get complete guidance.

What is a Gender Swap Filter?

A gender swap feature is present in photo editing apps that change gender photo. However, CapCut also provide this filter but it has more filters rather than the other photo editing apps that makes your photos looks like real photo. This feature uses artificial intelligence to alter a person’s looks(mouth, nose, lips, hair), age, makeup, hair color, clothing, and other features to appear as the opposite gender.

What is Gender Swap

People use this filter for fun purposes, to make their videos more funny, and to prank their friends. The results it produces are not perfectly matched with real life. It is just an imagination. If you don’t find a gender swap filter in just cap cut, update your app from App Store and google play.

Why to use Gender Swap Filter?

If you are thinking that Gender Swap filters can only convert a male face to a female and vice versa, then you are wrong. This filter provides you with some other outstanding features which will make your photos and videos more attractive, funny, and beautiful. 

CapCut has an option in the Gender swap filter with the name face swap which further includes a lot of filters such as big head, angel me, neon, and baby face. Via using these filters, you can edit your photos and videos more attractively and beautifully. Moreover, if you want to add music in your videos, you can also do this.

These filters are specially for females they are also name tiktok gender filter because females have more madness to look like an angel or a baby face. Moreover, they tease their fellows by applying big head filters on their photos and videos. Therefore, nowadays this filter is going to be trending day by day and attracting an unbelievable audience. CapCut gender swap totally gives you a different look.

How To Add Gender Swap Filter In CapCut?

Here are the simple steps below how to do gender swap filter on CapCut. Take advantage of these steps and enhance your experience.

Step-1: Open CapCut and Click on “New Project”

  • CapCut Apk download from play store if you don’t have.
  • Open the CapCut application. 
  • Click on “New Project”.
  • This project will allow you to apply gender swaps.
Creat a new Project

Step-2: Upload your photo

  • Upload your photo from the gallery.
  • Please upload a high-quality photo of your face in which you want to change the gender.
Add your photo

Step-3: Go to the style menu

  • Importing a photo into the CapCut timeline.
  • Click on the photo to view the available options.
  • Then click on Style tab, which contains a variety of filters and effects that can be apply to the photo.
Go to style menu

Step-4: Find gender filters in the style menu

  • Swipe the categories in style until you reach the face swap.
  • Find the filters in face swap.
Find face swap filter

Step-5: Apply the filter

  • Apply any filter to your photo.
  • You can change from male to female and female to male.
  • You can also add the original photo before and after the filtered photo.
Apply the filter

Step-6: Adjust the duration of the filter

  •  You can use the Duration slider to adjust the amount of time that the gender swap filter will be apply to your video.
  • The slider is locate at the end of the timeline.
  • You can drag it long for a longer duration and keep it short.

Step-7: Export your video

  • Preview this and tap to export changing face photo.
  • Tap on the export icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • When a photo is save, crop the unnecessary area and share it on other platforms.
Export your photo

Pro tips while adding gender swap in CapCut

Only CapCut provides this incredible feature which can change your gender and face expressions and give a new look to your images. However, the original settings of the Gender swap are amazing but here we will tell you some pro tips to add a gender swap filter to your videos.

1) Use the Face swap feature

CapCut offers a wide range of filters and effects to change the face of a human but the most important and trending filters you can find in “face swap” options. here, you will find almost all types of face-changing effects including “Make me a ghost, make me a doll, make me female, make me male” etc. All these are up-to-date and have amazing effects to change gender and facial expressions.

2) Avoid over-customization

The default settings, opacity, and aspect ratio of effects are perfect for all types of photos and videos. Therefore, we recommend you that always avoid manual or over-customization. Because over-customization can not only waste your time but can also have a negative effect on your videos. Therefore, we recommend you that always use the original settings of CapCut while adding gender swap on your photos/videos in CapCut.

You can also see this “Video Tutorial” for complete guide of Gender Swap.


Q: Are gender swap filter apply on both photos and videos?

A: No, Gender swap effect is only applied to the photos in CapCut because the person’s facial features are static in the pictures. It cannot be used in your videos because, here, faces are changing, which is not possible in videos.

Q: Is there any privacy risk while using gender swap filter?

A: No, There is no privacy risk on using this filter. This filter keep your all date secure.

Q: Can gender swap filter apply on all types of faces?

A: Yes, It can apply on all types of faces.


Finally, gender swapping is an impressive feature to create fun in photos. By changing a person’s identity, a person knows how he looks at a different age and gender.

It helps you to create more fun in your photos by using face swap filters. You can change your looks even into different genders. You will be shocked after seeing how you looked in your childhood.

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